Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Glass Shower Doors vs. Shower Curtains: Which Do You Prefer?

Many people prefer glass shower doors over shower curtains for many reasons. Glass doors keep water inside the shower more effectively than a shower curtain, they don’t omit the toxic smells that plastic curtains release, they don’t need to be replaced periodically like curtains and liners, and they can be easily cleaned and don’t build up mold like curtains do. Although, there are still many who don’t know who convenient glass shower doors can be!

Shower doors are made of safest type of glass, tempered glass. This is required by federal, state, and local building codes and it is designed to break into small pieces which lower the possibility for a very harmful injury. Tempered glass is resistant to direct impact, but can begin to shatter or fracture if it is hit on the edge or corner.

To ensure that your shower door is tempered glass, check to see if the two pieces of glass are sealed together with a clear piece of resin. Also, look for a label stamped on the glass. Often times, tempered glass is labeled to satisfy specific building codes.

One of the only ways tempered glass can explode is if the glass had a flaw in it and was under stress in the frame. To ensure your safety, periodically check your shower door hardware to make sure fasteners are secure and tighten them if needed. Also, inspect glass regularly for any chips or cracks, especially around the edges and notches. If you see any chips or cracks, replace the glass panel immediately. 

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