Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tips To Remember When Choosing A New Shower Door!

Are you tired of your shower curtain? Do you think it may be time to install a shower door? Adding a shower door can be the perfect edition to your bathroom to give it that new updated touch that it may need! It can also add some simple beauty and value to the room!

Here are a couple basic tips and steps to adding a shower door to your bathroom!

First, you must decide what kind of door you want. Larger shower stalls usually use sliding-type doors, while standard shower stalls usually use swinging-hinge type doors.  Correct size doors is important as well.  Make sure you not only measure your stall height, but also be aware that you need two width measurements. You’ll need one for the top of the stall width and one for the bottom of the stall width.

Next, make sure the door frame finish matches the rest of your bathroom. Aluminum frame finishes usually come in bronze, nickel, brass and silver. Also, look for a shower door that is easy to install. Some quick-install type doors require no drilling of the shower walls at all!

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